Is Australia a Questionable Destination?


It appears timely, which coincident with the release of this movie’Australia’ with superstar Nicole Kidman, the fantastic unwashed are beginning to ask questions about Australia as a destination for travellers. Past movies like Crocodile Dundee,” Quigley DownUnder and The Man From Snowy River have produced bonza coverage for Australian Tourism however today it’s time to ask searching questions about this large island and who better to ask than the sheila from Gundagai, none aside from the less known scribe (scribess), Nicole N. Dime.

To help individuals with this particular comprehensive look in the Mandrake Whitsundays funny aspects of Oz you may want to refer to your map, atlas or search engine to completely appreciate this sun burnt country known as Down Under. You can make geography pleasure by seeking the responses to this questions within this important treatise. Some amazing places for maps and information are the sites of tourism offices and tour operators which are listed at the end with the diatribe for the benefit (if you really get into the ending, that is).

Our initial hunting question would be:

Where did Sydney Harbour that the Prisoners Of Mother England on that maiden cruise with all the First Fleet who were already ashore and Searching to get B&B’s in Botany Bay? Check out the names of the First Fleet cruise passengers and crew, you may have a convict like a long lost relative and could get called a whingeing pom for your efforts.

What left the Blue Mountains gloomy? It may be it had been Windeyer on the opposite hand or which they lost that the Circular Quay.

So when does Wollongong? Whenever a sheep is sheered to create the soon to become famous brand of Wool-loomoo’loo’ covers in Woolloomooloo.

Moving across we ask the following:

As the 12 Apostles helped Freycinet some Barra on Mundi and then located a Cook that didn’t Taree.

What did Darwin and Didjerido if they heard regarding the Bungles of both Katherine and Emma if they aided Windjanner Gorge? They informed Ballarat Tunnel Creek who picked up the Broome to clear away the Rottnests.

Did Coral Sea the Great Barrier Reef in a few fish to the barbie? No, because he could just hear the Norfolk Pine.

Some Australian literature inquiries:

Was it Mudgee if Neville Shute wrote On The Beach From The Wet? Yes, because when Clancy came down from the over Flow to Meet with the Man From Snowy River that he had been Past The Black Stump in Much Country.

Enough is enough, try finding a number of your personal from the great place names found in this superb country by requesting tourism operators and offices from the Northern Territories, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and The Best Traveling Club who arranged this exceptional meeting with Nicole N. Dime.

Please be sure to seek out a terminology course in’Strine’ before jumping on the flying kanga. And, strewth, did you know that in the Australian version of the newest James Bond movie he’s changed his name to James Bondi?