To Rent a Car Abroad Or Not? That Is the Question


Planning a well deserved holiday trip abroad is not a simple process. One starts by planning a holiday trip, then has to decide when it is gonna take place and what the duration of the trip in question is going to be. This decision must be in accordance to your partner’s or families will and must be agreed upon by your employer.

Next, we have to decide on the budget we are willing to invest in our vacation. Then we have to choose the location of the holiday, as we all know vacationing abroad is not a luxury product anymore. Many middle class workers choose to cross the Atlantic Ocean in order to reach their holiday destination rent a car Zagreb airport.

Last but not least we have to choose our means of transportation abroad during our vacation. We basically have two choices:

1. To rent a car
2. Not to rent a car and move around by means of public transportation or taxis.

This choice is sometimes quite easy to make, but sometimes it can be quite a dilemma. If one is for instance planning on taking a trip where the main activity would be to read a book under the sun at the hotel’s swimming pool or at the local beach, then renting a car would obviously be unnecessary.

On the other hand if one plans to go to a country and visit different touristic sites in different cities, then renting a car could be the better option. Sometimes the right thing to do is not that obvious and personal preferences will get into play.

Some people opt to move by public transportation because it is a better way to get the local atmosphere and to mingle with the local population. Other vacationers do not like being dependent on others and prefer taking their destiny in their own hands by choosing to rent a car. On a personal note I can tell you that personally, I prefer renting a car when I have the opportunity to do so.