Hormone optimization and replacement


It’s not always easy for women between the ages of 45 and 55 to accept the changes, both big and small that can come with menopause.  These changes often include mood swings, depression and hot flashes among others. It’s part of the menopause process when natural estrogen production begins to decline.
Besides menopause, experts are continuing to discover other issues in both women and men caused by the decrease of naturally produced hormones in the body. Early in life, both testosterone and estrogen play an essential role in how both males and females develop and grow.  Over time, the production of these hormones can slow, especially as we reach our mid-age years hormone replacement.
Because hormones control so many of our body’s functions, when they aren’t produced or replenished, it can lead to low energy, less motivation and overall decrease in health and vitality as well.  Others have experienced difficulty sleeping and a reduced sex drive.
Finding an Ideal Hormone Balance
Multiple studies now support that the hormonal deficiency associated with age should be corrected to that of a younger person and be on the upper side of the normal range. The decline in hormonal levels is gradual in most cases, and the symptoms can sneak up on a person. So, most people chalk their symptoms up to being busy, tired, overworked, stressed or just because they are older. Fortunately, life doesn’t have to be that way. For those that choose to optimize their hormones, they can see and feel the improvement in a very short period. Hormone optimization is simply achieving the ideal balance between our organs and our endocrine system.
Optimizing Hormones for Optimal Health
We often don’t realize just how bad we have felt until after we start feeling better. The good news is that not only do we get to feel better, but we also get to enjoy the health benefits of having our hormones balanced and optimized. Optimizing your hormones has been associated with a decreased risk of:
Heart disease
Breast cancer
Endometrial cancer
Prostate cancer
Alzheimer’s disease
Optimizing hormones can also increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, increase libido, and stabilize our moods.
If you aren’t feeling your best and know you could feel better- maybe hormone optimization is the answer. Take a comprehensive approach to your health and identify what your hormone imbalances may be. It’s as simple as getting a blood test.