At Soccer – Football Match in the Top European Football League-Must Have 4 Players


I have watched soccer all my life and maybe I can say I have an unhealthy obsession with matches and like most fans I have my own ideas about how to improve it. My headmaster is bugbear even though it might be assistant line judge / referee.

On top flight in countries like England, Italy and Spain where money is currently available for this, why is it possible for us to only have 2 line judges? It must make sense to have 4? They can then make a far better assessment of whether the ball is over the line or maybe not. It should also increase the likelihood of the attacker benefiting from this doubt in an offside call when the player is only given from the side when the two linesmen raise their own flag.

But the main reason I pushed four linesmen was because someone wanted their help. The four line judges can then choose at the top of the draw, elbows and other events that come out of the sight of their referee บ้านผลบอล.

What bothered me the most was that body tests and upper pulls that moved out from the swimmer’s perspective to prevent someone from making a jog behind the guardian. I was really fed up with this media that told me to see the players who were sent away to ruin the match when in my own mind that damaging the game would be a suspicion called ‘smart’ offense which prevents attackers in full flow for small penalties.

And I think if the player gets a harsher sentence because of the form of the violation, they are less likely to do it at the first location. I don’t believe they will produce more bookings and red cards, only reducing suspicious violations.

Moreover, they say the ban on tackles from behind will contribute to most games that end with drinking from one player released, but as we have seen all that happens is that people have managed to change their own matches to pay for fluctuations in the rules.

Another problem, is that line judges will always be on the most suitable side of the field – like now where players can come out by bringing the corners out of the quadrant because line judges are on the other side of their tone.

Apart from small changes like this even though I personally feel soccer does not need to be changed. Of course I would hate to observe the person who lost the energy he currently has while it can reduce the potential for corruption which will also reduce the points of conversation offered by the referee by producing human problems.

Let’s face it, we all want to talk about the Army that doesn’t give or do critical penalties, so it’s a gross loss that gives us an easy explanation for our losing team because they admit that it’s not good enough to defeat the opponent.

After those who do not believe that their group is the best workforce available? Almost all of us know at every level, fans singing their team will be the biggest in the world that has been witnessed even though we are all aware that it is not true, we still believe that.

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