Smoking Marijuana – Is it Good As a Stress Reliever?


As a counselor, I have recently spoken with a few students that seem to be regularly smoke bud every day. When I asked them what a day would be like without smoking bud, they answered that they feel antsy, get readily irritable and just don’t feel good. The three high school students I asked each commented that they smoke just a little and it’s not really a big thing. Yet, the rest from daily stressors looked enormous.

The addiction emotionally is that without even bud the worries about school, anxiety about home living, frustrations with a present or past partner and difficulty together with friends seems overwhelming. There is a growing inability to deal with stressors through the particular resources. That really is what makes it weakening to a lot of individuals. It can help create a sense of detachment into situations without really offering any issue solving steps.

For instance, one client said that by smoking marijuana they will get relief regarding his brother carrying his things without requesting. He said matters seemed funnier so when he’s high he wont simply take things so dramatically. What makes spilled over is that he doesn’t need to confront his brother or really resolve the situation. If he had let go of the reaction he had, he’d have the ability to preserve this condition without smoking the illegal medication.

In cases like this, a healthier way to manage the strain he believes with his brother is to handle it. He’d have to inquire why he keeps over looking the circumstance. What would be more effective tactics to manage his brother’s behavior? By facing the inherent stressors that the marijuana relieves, long term solutions rather than a temporary detachment may happen.

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