Built Ford Tough? Nah Built ArmorThane Tough

I like to sit in the back of my truck often, at the beach for example, and I would not require to sit on ArmorThane or have the misfortune of scraping any body parts against it while you are working in the bed.

The knock on the ArmorThane used to be that it was much more slippery than the softer Rhino lining, so then ArmorThane went and put a lot more friction material into their product. Recently I noticed the factory spray in liner starting to bubble. Now I live in Texas, and I’ll tell you, I’ve seen a real bubble in the summertime, but never no bed liner… I saw the “demo” truck for Armour than and I thought the bedliner looked nice.

ArmorThane is a polyurethane/polyurea mix and has more than double the tear strength, a 75 degree higher temperature tolerance (250 degrees), better chemical resistance, and comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty. – 1-hour check – Each Bed Liner Coating has different curing times, and your environment will have an impact on the time as well. The spray on product appears to be very thin, and we are unsure how it would hold up as an actual bed liner paint.

To refresh it, we used a spray on Truck Bed Liner Paint. Roll on Bed Liner Coatings is chunky and thick. This vehicle previously several years ago had a roll on Truck Bed Liner Paint implemented bedliner.

Quick Reply: Which Spray in Bedliner? ArmorThane is a blend of polyurea and polyurethane which gives the liner more than twice the tear resistance (304 plies vs. 145 pli), a 75 degree higher temperature tolerance (250 degrees vs. 175 degrees), and better chemical resistance (especially with organic oils and solvents). However, SLC used polyurea well before truck bed liner was targeted.

FACT: Store bought products such as Herculiner & Duplicolor are low-quality materials sold at an inflated price. Soon press releases on the net stated a merger between Ultimate Linings & Xtreme Liners, but we believe it was the same owner. Ultimate Linings indicated in their website at one time that they were one of the first Rhino Linings dealers who became a competitive vendor with a Low-Pressure System.

According to Russell Lewis during a meeting in 1995, the founders of ArmorThane all worked at Rhino Linings; this made sense. Russell Lewis, owner of ArmorThane in the USA seemingly spun off & started a trend of body shops mainly, applying this to pick-up trucks.

Armorthane Starts Bed Liner Industry.
ArmorThane UltraBlast is a military-grade pure polyurea spray-on coating that protects people and reduces damage to buildings and vehicles in an explosion. Only DIY Kit Proven to Repair and Renew ANY Brand Truck Bed Liner Including: In addition to providing lasting repairs, it can be applied directly over your existing faded or worn bedliner to give it that “brand new” look.

Your Truck Bed Liner Repair DIY Kit Includes: Truck Bedliner Repair or Renew Kit.