Blog For Business – Here’s the Key to Small Business Blogging Success


Do you blog to promote your small business? You should! But to really benefit from it, you must get this one thing right, or else you may be lining someone else’s pocket instead of yours. Read on to discover what I mean by that and why I believe it’s essential for small business blogging success.

Here’s the key: You must own your blog. Are you wondering what I mean by “owning your blog”? Here’s what it does not mean: It does not mean a blog hosted by Blogger or WordPress that’s essentially just on loan to you.

Instead, you should make your blog a self-hosted WordPress Blog, meaning that you should host it in your own hosting account. That way it’s yours to keep and you won’t be at the mercy of the whims of Google or WordPress.

If you’re going to put work into your blog — and you should, or else it won’t do you any good — then you don’t want it to be snatched away from you without notice just because… That would make all your hard work go right down the drain.

And that could happen even if you follow all their rules. And just following their rules can put a bit of a crimp in your style and might hold you back from maximizing the profit potential of your blog.

So make it your own blog. And there are reasons beyond being in complete control Online Travel Guide.

1) Google loves them

First of all, Google LOVES WordPress self-hosted blogs. They score very well in search engine results. So why not take advantage of that.

2) More themes

You’ll also have a much wider range of themes to choose from, and you can edit those themes at will. It will really help with your branding and with making your site stand out. Otherwise, you’d have one of a few (or maybe a few dozen) templates, and everyone in the know would recognize them.

3) Your own domain name

You get to use your own domain name. Sure, you could redirect it, but people can tell. So why not go for the real thing.

4) More plug-ins

You can use a huge variety of plug-ins that will give you options that wouldn’t even exist otherwise.

5) You own it

But mostly, the biggest reason is just that. It’s yours. To do with as you please. And to keep for as long as you like.

If you’re serious about building a presence online, you need to be able to count on it being there for the duration. And if you rely on anyone else’s hosting, and especially a free blog, you simply can’t.

They even might add advertising, and that would make you look rather unprofessional, wouldn’t it.

Does that mean you can’t ever use a Blogger blog? Not at all. You can use it as a supplement to your main blog, whether as a sideline or as a backlink builder.

Just don’t build your business on it. Or else you may find that you’ve build your business on sand.

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