Guide to Swap Hard Drive PCB


What’s Hard Disk PCB?

The board on the base of the hard drive drive is understood as Printed Circuit Board(PCB). The most important use of this will be to furnish capacity to the drive, maintain rotation and speed of the spindle, and restrain all of internal operations throughout its firmware. Essentially, could be that the brains of this drive which most components are heavily reliant upon.

Hard PCB fabrication drives which don’t twist up after the power was supplied could be identified as collapse. Because data retrieval service is quite pricey, some times we’d rather swap ourselves.

The way to Locate the fitting HDD planks?

  • Western Digital exactly the same plank number that’s piled around the PCB, start out with 2060-
  • Seagate exactly the same plank number that’s piled around the PCB, start out with 100…, and also exactly the exact same Main Controller IC. In the event that you fail to locate the number on the (Old Versions ), then you should discover exactly the exact same Main Controller IC.
  • Maxtorexactly the Sam-e Main Controller IC(The largest chip on the board)
  • Hitachiexactly the identical Details on the Tiny white tag (first two lines)
  • Samsung exactly the same plank amount That’s located to the PCB, start with BF41-
  • Fujitsu exactly the identical plank amount That’s piled to the PCB, start with CA

Remove the from the drives with celebrity screwdriver. In the event you HDD spins up, but can not be realized, it’s also advisable to swap the BIOS chip onto it. When there was not any fitting 8pins BIOS chip to the PCB, this means that the BIOS chip is incorporated in the Main Chip IC, then then you need to get rid of the damaged PCB’s Main Chip IC into the donor PCB. It really is more technical to swap the primary Chip IC than swap the BIOS chip. For those who ought to do, please perform a few evaluation on the PCBs that do not have the vital data.

It’s simple to be found since there aren’t a lot of 8pins chips available on the plank.

Typically, you ought to swap the BIOS until you exchange hard disk drive pcb. You needs to possess certain technique.

Notice: You ought to be aware of the drive failures aren’t always due to failure, so swap can not guarantee to resolve each one the hard disk drive issues.

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