Sega Goes Poker


Sega Interprise goes In

The older gaming company Sega Interprise has recently gone all in with their most recent dip into the shark infested online gaming oceans. If you know anything regarding console games you properly know a few of those Sega Successes such as Sonic, Streets of Rage, Earth worm Jim and Mortal Combat.

Some of these latest games comprise scr888th successes including Afterburner along with The Napoleon. Sega has established Sega Poker and Sega Casino and are looking to find a snack of a thousand dollar industry. Lots of diverse businesses decide to try their fortune and launch a gambling site, however without proper funds for advertisements, promotions etc.. a lot of these fail.

The poker site really is not anything advanced as they have launched as being a skin site over the present iPoker pokernetwork. Which means there is not Sega feel at all at the poker tables, it appears like any other poker site that works on the iPoker network. But one their house page that you do receive yourself a Sega feel with different Sega match characters presenting different promotions.

They’ve got some fantastic poker advantages and bonuses though, therefore they could be able to place their mark on the online gambling industry if they have the funds required for promotion. It is the initial video gambling site to get to poker, and it’ll be interesting to observe if brands like Nintendo and PlayStation will join the game.

The site is solid though, with some excellent promotions and the chat which welcomes fresh players can be a great feature for those who haven’t played online poker before.

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